Man Beaten To Death By His Teen Employee After Saving Her Life.

Sup Travellers?! If you ever found yourself being ungrateful just remember that you can never be as ungrateful as 19-year-old Sarah Gonzales McLinn [pictured to the right of the picture above]. According to reports from NY Daily News McLinn killed her employer, Harold Sasko, on January 14th. At first it was thought that McLinn was also a victim because both McLinn and Sasko mysteriously went missing. But McLinn was found alive in Florida camping out in Sasko's car with drugs.

Reports say that Sarah apparently knocked Harold unconscious with "an edged weapon," subdued him and then proceeded to beat him to death before fleeing over 1,600 miles into the Florida Everglades with Sasko's car. When she was found she was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her former roommate. The full details of the murder are not yet known but Lawrence Police Chief Tarik Khatib believes that McLinn is the only one who is responsible for Sasko's death at this time.

The victim, Harold Sasko, owned a chain of pizza restaurants in Kansas and he took 19 year old McLinn in as an employee. He also let her move into his home in 2012 so that she could have distanced herself from a life of drugs and the gangs that she was associated with. However, his help seemed unappreciated because she eventually killed him and fled. Eventhough evidence shows that McLinn murdered Sasko, McLinn's mother seems to think that her daughter was a victim. "The police did say that even if Sarah was involved, she could not have acted alone based on the traumatic injuries Mr. Sasko suffered," McLinn's mother says. "This makes us even more convinced that Sarah is a victim. We do not know what happened, but we want Sarah to know that we love her and we are here for her and we have help for her if she needs it."

There is still a big hole in this story that has yet to be filled. Maybe McLinn was being abused or held in the house against her will. We don't really know what was going in that house. The motive for the killing has yet to be revealed but i'm sure that as the story develops it will. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.