Hunter Mistakes Man For A Deer And Shoots Him.....TWICE!!!

Sup Travellers?! It is a fact that humans look like deer. Am I right? No I am not. When it comes to all the animals in the universe the one that probably strikes the least resemblance to humans are deer [cats, cows, sheep, goats, baby giraffes, foxes, kangaroos and grasshoppers ETC.]. So it shouldn't be possible to mistake a man for a deer. But in this world, anything is possible. According to reports from The New York Times a hunter in Tampa, Florida., mistook a man practicing turkey calls for a deer Sunday night and shot him twice with a high-powered rifle.

The story just gets weirder when you consider that the man was practicing Turkey calls. I'm not really sure how that works but thank goodness that the man didn't die from the shot or else this would have been a completely different story altogether. The reports say that Clint Galentine, 37, was walking with a friend in a wildlife management area when the bullets hit him in the left side; one shot passed through his arm and broke a bone. The hunter, 43-year-old Michael Trott, rushed over and apologized as Galentine and his buddy wrapped up his arm. 

"I don't know how he mistakenly thought we were animal[s]," Galentine said.

"I was in a little in shock," said Galentine who now has trouble speaking. "I looked around and I was bleeding."

No charges have been filed against Trott, but the investigation is ongoing. Officials say that Trott had the required firearm and hunting licenses. What's more, Galentine says he saw a sign on the trail reading "Boundary Closed to Hunting" but he overlooked the fine print that said, "access is provided at designated access points." 

It's impossible to tell how this case could play out. Trott did obey the rules but shooting a man can sometimes trump that. I'm sure right now his family is just grateful that Galentine is alive. Stay strong Galentine, stay strong. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.