Haley Hall Is The World's Youngest Female Sword Swallower.

Sup Travellers?! 15 year old Haley Hall is a regular teenager but she has a very peculiar way of standing out from the rest. She enjoys shoving long objects down her throat. Something that may seem oh so weird in some households is a normal thing in the Hall family from Georgia. She has become so good at it that she can swallow an entire sword whole. She began practicing with a wire hanger and spoon learning to relax her gag reflex. Her parents didn't know about her strange fascination with swallowing objects but they became suspicious when the teen started locking herself in her room for hours in the night. 

"My father knew something was going on," she told HuffPost Weird News. "I typically don't lock myself in my room for hours in a night."

However, swallowing a sword is just one of the many skills of young Haley Hall. She is a black belt in karate, shoots guns and bows, and rides dirt bikes with her sisters according to Huffington Post. Now, not long past her 15th birthday, Haley is recognized by Sword Swallowers Association International as its youngest female member (the next youngest is 21). Her first public performance came at Berry College in Georgia a few weeks ago, and her family is pressing for Guinness World Record certification. 

"When I started doing this, my friends didn't know what to say. They thought it was cool and terrifying at the same time," Haley says.

"Haley impressed me. She has a lot of poise for her age," said Tim O'Brien, spokesman for Ripley's Believe It Or Not! "If she stays with it, she will be the face of American sword swallowing in the future ... or should I say, 'The throat of American Sword Swallowing.'"

Swallowing a sword is like playing with fire. With one wrong move your life could be lost but Haley makes it all look easy. I just thought i'd share this because of how strange this is to me. What 15 year old do you know is fascinated with shoving swords down their throats? All I can say is......DON'T TRY THAT AT HOME!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.