Good Samaritan's Last Act Of Kindness Ends In His Murder.

Sup Travellers?! It's always good to do good but sometimes doing good can lead to something that's not too.....GOOD. When you're about that good life you have to understand the risks that can be associated with it because it's a fact that bad people love to take advantage of good people. That's a fact of life and i'm sure that 69-year-old retiree, Thomas Sonnenberg, was aware of this when he took the risk of inviting a strange man into his house in an act of kindness.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that a man appeared at the back door of Sonnenberg's Minneapolis home just before noon on Friday screaming "Somebody's going to kill me!" and begging to be let inside. Sonnenberg, who reportedly liked helping others, quickly let the strange man into his house and dialed 911 to get some help for the strange man who he thought was in danger. But instead, the 69 year old found himself in grave danger when the strange man pulled out a gun and shot him in the head.

Police arrived minutes after the call was made by Sonnenberg only to find his dead body on the floor of the house. The suspect, 20-year-old felon Devon Derrick Parker, was also found in the house attacking Sonnenberg's wife. The suspect apparently attacked the woman because he was angry that he was unable to get out of the house. The doors had keyed deadbolts and Sonnenberg ensured to lock it shut after letting Parker in. Parker was basically jailed in the house allowing the police to catch him. 

“My dad has helped this community,” Sonnenberg's daughter, Rachel Sonnenberg Baufield, said. “There have been other people who have come to my dad and begged for help, and my dad gave them money because he didn’t want people hurting. And this is the repayment that he gets.” Baufield said her father, an Army veteran, was a private man who dearly loved his eight grandchildren.

It's people like Parker who make it hard for people who really need help to get it. No wonder the number of "good Samaritans" in this world are so low. You can't trust people these days. You never know when that one act of kindness can lead to a world of pain. Fools People like Devon Derrick Parker are the reason why not much people like Sonnenberg exist in this world. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.