Facebook Buys WhatsApp For $16 Billion.

WhatsApp Sup Travellers?! Facebook has once again shoved it's big head into the internet dominance game. The 10 year old internet giant has already bought Instagram and now it's official that WhatsApp is the next company under Mark Zuckerberg's command but it didn't come cheap. According to reports from the Next Web Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion.

The deal includes $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in Facebook shares and an additional $3 billion in vesting restricted stock units for the WhatsApp team over the next four years. This may good news for some but to others it could be the most annoying thing ever. A lot of people use WhatsApp as an alternative to Facebook’s own Messenger product. But the WhatsApp CEO states that WhatsApp will remain as an independent brand and team and that the acquisition won’t result in any changes for them. 

I don't use WhatsApp so I don't really care about the company. I do however care about Facebook and if they can in some way find a way to make me use it then i'm all for it. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.