Crying Jogger Dragged Into Police Car And Arrested For Jaywalking.

Sup Travellers?! Jaywalking is illegal but people being punished for jaywalking never really makes the news. However, this most recent case of jaywalking went viral. Why did it go viral? Well it's the way in which the situation went down that got a lot of attention from the media. According to reports from KXAN, 24 year old Amanda Jo Stephen was arrested on Thursday after she was caught jaywalking west of the University of Texas campus.

Jaywalking isn't an offense that is usually punished by an arrest so why did they arrest her? Officials say that say she was arrested because she didn't identify herself when asked. Six other people were found jaywalking that day in the area but only Stephen was arrested. “At some point she knows it’s a cop,” said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo. “The cop asked her a lawful question. She is lawfully required to answer and she didn’t. That’s why she went to jail.”

“If you don’t have identification, you can do so verbally,” Acevedo added in a post on Facebook. “If the officer can reasonably confirm your identity, you normally are released with a written promise to appear (ticket). In instances where an individual refuses to identify themselves, they are arrested for failure to do so.”

“I heard, ‘hey stop’, then turned around,” said UT student Chris Quintero, who recorded the arrest. “The cop chased after the girl and grabbed her arm and the next thing you know she’s in handcuffs.”

Police at the University of Texas campus are currently cracking down on jaywalkers because they say that it's getting out of hand. But according to senior Allie Westbrook "there are a lot of other issues in West Campus the police could be dealing with as opposed to jaywalking.” Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.