Chandre Oraon, Man With Tail, Worshipped As A God In India [VIDEO]

Sup Travellers?! Having a tail in India is not only a blessing but also a great honor because you can be given the prestigious status of a GOD. Chandre Oraon is a 35 year old old tea picker in Alipurduar, India and he has amassed a very large following by Hindus throughout India because of the 14.5-inch tail growing out of his back. Oraon has had his tail since birth and some Hindus believe it's a sign he's an incarnation of a monkey god known as "Hanuman." 

What makes his incarnation more believable is the fact that he is a tea picker and is required to climb trees like a monkey. Worshippers from all over India travel to his home in hopes of touching his tail and getting blessings. One woman, Monika Lakda, said she travelled overnight to see Oraon at his small makeshift shrine, hoping he would be able to cure her nephew's fever.

"We gave him medicine but it did not work. So we came to Chandre to seek his blessings. The baby recovered soon after that," she said. "We believe that Chandre is an incarnation of Hanuman. They say he was born on the Holy Hanuman day. So we have faith in him."

Oraon's tail may be "god-like" but there is a scientific explanation for his tail. Oraon's condition is actually a form of spina bifida, when the spinal column does not close all the way down. Some people with the condition develop growths on their lower back or tufts of hair, according to Dr. Scott Meyer, a member of the neuro-spine team at Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey.

I don't mean to be skeptical but I only consider something a real tail if it can be controlled. If he can wag it then i'll be convinced that he has a tail. To me, he just has a really long goatee on his back. But that's just me. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.