A British Woman Has Been Arrested For TROLLING Herself On Facebook.

Sup Travellers?! Some people would do anything for attention and by anything I mean ANYTHING. In a very unusual case coming out of the UK a 24 year old British woman was jailed for trolling herself on Facebook. Now how does one go about trolling oneself? Well why not ask Michelle Chapman? She did it to herself very simply and almost got away with if it weren't for those meddling cops.

According to reports from the Mirror UK, Chapman was recently sentenced to 20 months behind bars for setting up fake Facebook profiles and using the accounts to write abusive remarks on her own personal page. She did so in order to set up her father and stepmother and make people think that it was they that left the abusive remarks. Police initially arrested the stepmother for the abusive remarks but a year after the arrest, police caught on to what Chapman did after tracing the fake accounts back to her. 

The details of the unprecedented case were recently heard before the Truro Crown Court. The ploy started when Chapman reconnected with her estranged father, Roy Jackson, after two decades, according to media reports. When he introduced his daughter to his new wife, Louise Steen, things apparently did not go over well. Shortly after a family altercation, Jackson began receiving offensive messages from a Facebook profile under Steen's name. 

Later, abusive comments, which were described as of "very unpleasant sexual nature," began pouring in on Chapman's page. The remarks were from profiles that appeared to belong to Jackson, Steen and other relatives. Chapman reportedly complained to Cornwall police eight times between February and October 2011, as the harassment continued into early 2012. After officials had caught on to Chapman's acts she confessed that she had trolled herself on Facebook. 

This is not funny and you shouldn't be laughing. This is a very serious family issue that......WHO AM I KIDDING? This is funny as hell. I think the fact that she actually thought that she could have gotten away with it just makes it even funnier. This should be a lesson to everyone out there. DON'T DO DRUGS!!! STAY IN SCHOOL AND DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.