11 Year Old Boy Attempts Suicide Over My Little Pony Bullying.

Sup Travellers?! I've heard about a lot of teen suicides but I don't hear much about tween suicides. It's something that doesn't happen very often. But with enough bullying anyone can be pushed over the edge and this is what happened to an 11 year old boy from Raleigh, North Carolina. He didn't die but his attempt at suicide has his family concerned. ABC 11 reports that on the evening of Jan. 23, 11 year old Michael Morones hung himself off the side of his bunk bed.

It was revealed that the reason why Morones tried to kill himself was because he was bullied over his affection for the television show, My Little Pony. He was tired of the bullying and decided to try to end his life. Luckily he didn't die but because oxygen to his brain was cut off, he may suffer life-long brain damage. His brain, heart and lungs were damaged. But despite his damages the family is still being bullied. They say that they've received negative comments online. But they don't want the kids who bullied Michael punished: "I don't think that's what Mike would want. I would rather teach people how to do right," says his mom.

Stepdad Shannon Suttle adds that the cartoon itself is all about friendship, and says, "It teaches the most basic moral values." But there have been acts of kindness: Suttle called the actress who voices Michael's favorite character, Pinkie Pie, requesting that she record a message for him. She did, and got the entire cast to do the same. "When we play the My Little Pony messages for him, there is increased activity on the EEG," Suttle says. Money is being raised for the ailing boy in hopes that he may able to return to normal. 

Sexuality can be brought up in this but I don't think it should. Morones was just an 11 year old boy who liked something that it is perceived as girly. That's it. His sexuality has nothing to do with this. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.