The Queen Is Going Broke.

Sup Travellers?! The Queen was once considered one of the richest women in the world but now she is so broke that she can't even afford to make repairs to her crumbling and leaky royal palaces. At this very moment the royal cash reserves is at an all time low of 1 million pounds or $1.7 million. That kind of money is a lot for an average classed individual but for Queen Elizabeth II...THAT'S BROKE!!

The UK Guardian reports that in 2001, the figure was almost $58 million but the Queen's overspending courtiers has caused that to drop to the rock bottom figure that it is at today. These financial woes come at a time when Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle could really use some help. The palaces are said to be in a relatively sorry state of repair with staff required to catch rain in buckets to protect art and antiquities.

In Buckingham Palace alone the 60-year-old boilers are running up bills of about £774,000 or $1.3 million a year and the wiring has not been replaced since 1949. More than a third of the royal estate has been found to be below “target condition.” In 2012-2013, the Royal Household received more than $51 million in taxpayer funds. 

It's time for Queen Elizabeth to "get a much firmer grip" on her dwindling supply of cash, members of Britain's Parliament say. MPs say it's time for them to take money advice from the Treasury. "Since 2007-08, the household has cut its net costs by 16% in real terms, but 11% of that was achieved by increasing income and just 5% by reducing expenditure," British politician, Margaret Hodge says. "With better commercial expertise in place, we think there is room to do more with less."

Being broke is not very royal. The royal household needs to get their act together before their castles fall to pieces and they end up living on the streets. It's a fact that the royal household will probably never end up on the street because the people love them a bit too much to let that happen. But that doesn't mean that they don't need to learn to budget their cash reserves and spend wisely. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.