The Problems With Facebook.

Sup Travellers?! According to recent statistics, over 11 million young people have fled from Facebook to other social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat. According to, Facebook has 4,292,080 fewer high-school aged users and 6,948,848 college-aged users than it did in 2011. However, during the same time, the number of young people on Instagram and Snapchat have increased drastically. 

This is probably the main reason why Mark Zuckerberg attempted to buy both Instagram and Snapchat in 2013. He succeeded at acquiring Instagram but failed at acquiring Snapchat. But Facebook's damage control strategy is not as important as what's actually causing the damages. 11 million young people is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the total amount of regular users on the site but it's now obvious that Facebook is losing its heat among young people. But why?

There is a probably a million reasons why young people are not as interested in Facebook as they used to be. It could be because of the advent of competition. Twitter and Google + have proven not to be much competition for the social media giant but Instagram and Snapchat are apparently sucking the youth out of Facebook. However, a Vlogger from 2veratasium seems to think that the problems with Facebook are more than just based on competition. He thinks that's it's Facebook's new way of doing things. Facebook is restricting your posts so that less of your friends see it. So when less of your friends see it, there will be less interaction on posts and ultimately, less incentive to post. Why post something if no one is going to see it? You might as well just keep it on your PC it on Instagram or Snapchat. [I nailed that, didn't I?]

If you haven't checked out the video above you should watch it to get a bit more details on the problems with Facebook. I completely agree with everything that he's saying. I have noticed on some of the other pages that I admin that the number of people actually seeing the posts have decreased. As a page owner, this can be very discouraging. Anyway, I think I wrote enough here. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.