Texas Teen Survives 3500-Foot Fall And Didn't Even Require Surgery For Her Injuries. Now That's A Miracle.

Sup Travellers?! It's a fact that miracles do happen and 16 year old Mackenzie Wethington is a testament to that. She fell 3500 feet from the sky in a skydiving mishap and hear this.....SHE SURVIVED!! That's unheard of. A human body shouldn't be able to fall 3500 feet and survive but according according to Fox News, Wethington survived it and didn't even require any surgery for her injuries.

The reports say that the Texas teen went skydiving Saturday in Oklahoma as a birthday present from her parents. She was supposed to have done a tandem jump with an experienced skydiver for safety purposes but was told when she arrived that Pegasus Air Sports Center wasn't doing tandem jumps. So she jumped out on her own with only 6 hours of training under her belt. When she was nearing the ground the family says that Mackenzie's primary parachute didn't open properly and may have gotten tangled, and she couldn't open the emergency chute.

She slammed into the ground but she only suffered a lacerated liver and kidney, broken bones, and a broken tooth; she's already communicating with her parents in writing and doctors say she's in good condition and should suffer few long-term effects. "I have no idea how she survived," one doctor says. Experts are calling it a miracle. Some experts are saying that the teen somehow decreased her air speed and thus landed somewhat more softly.

Now let's play the blame game. Who is to blame for the mishap? Maybe we can blame her parents for letting her jump by herself. But then again, it was her birthday and they probably didn't want to disappoint her by waiting another time for a tandem jump. Maybe we can blame Pegasus Air Sports Center for having shitty equipment and training? We could blame them but the owner of Pegasus, however, blames Mackenzie and denies any problem with the equipment: "She didn't do what she was supposed to do," he says, though it's not clear what she did wrong; the owner says she didn't take a "corrective counter action" to make her parachute "stop turning." I don't know what officials are going to do and who's going to take the fall [NO PUN INTENDED] for this but we do know that Wethingthon is one LUCKY GIRL!!!  My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.