Teen Throws Boiling Water On Girl's Face For Unfriending Him On Facebook.

Sup Travellers?! Facebook is a wonderful place to keep in touch with friends and meet new people but sometimes the level of crazy on it can outweigh the benefits. I think I've seen my fair share of crazy on the social network. Just three months ago, a girl from India killed herself after her parents banned her from Facebook. Crazy right? But the craziness didn't stop there in India. Times of India reports that a teen from Bihar state in northern India allegedly burned a 15 year old girl's face with boiling water after she unfriended him on Facebook.

The teen allegedly went to the 15 year old girl's home on Wednesday claiming that he had left his I.D at the house. However, he then allegedly shoved the girl's mother aside and poured water on the victim's face. The girl was quickly taken to the hospital where she's being treated for burns to 20 percent of her face including her right cheek and right side of her neck.

"My father is a teacher and he (the accused) used to come for tuitions to our home. I accepted his (Facebook) friend request a year ago because I found him decent then. But of late he had become abusive and so I unfriended him last week." The 15 year old girl told Police. [Translated to English]

The boy who burned the girl fled the scene and has yet to be found but the Police are on the hunt. Facebook is currently the hottest thing out right now but I think the teen took that a bit too seriously. I think that maybe if he wasn't so abusive he wouldn't have gotten his ass unfriended. I think the girl made a good decision when she unfriended him but it's sad that she could now possibly have 20 percent of her face permanently burnt. I really hope that they find him and have the justice system take it's toll. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.