Teen In Popular Maryville Rape Case Is Hospitalized After Attempting Suicide.

Sup Travellers?! Do you remember the Maryville rape case? The utter distastefulness of the entire incident makes it one that you probably don't want to remember, but how you can forget? Daisy Coleman was raped when she was only 14 and left sprawled out in the blistering cold of her front yard for dead. I wrote about it back in October so you can go get more details on that here. Daisy, 14, survived the entire ordeal but apparently she couldn't live with the trauma. She tried to kill herself.....AGAIN!!!

On Sunday, Daisy's mother, Melinda Coleman posted on Facebook that her daughter tried to take her own life after she was "terrorized" by teens on Twitter when she briefly attended a party. Daisy Coleman was being treated at a Kansas City children's psychiatric hospital early Monday and is currently in stable condition, her mother told WDAF

If you have been following the Maryville rape case you'd know that Daisy went into a very deep depression and tried multiple times to kill herself. Melinda Coleman alleged that the 17 year old boy gave her daughter alcohol at a party in January 2012, then sexually assaulted her at his home while she was incapacitated. Daisy described the ordeal in her own words in a blog post last October. "On Twitter and Facebook, I was called a skank and a liar and people encouraged me to kill myself. Twice, I did try to take my own life."

What makes the whole ordeal even more shitty is the fact that the charges against the alleged attackers were dropped. Can you see why the Maryville rape case is so popular? Because it's MESSED UP!!!! It's good to see that she's still alive but according to her mother, she "may never be ok." I kind of agree with her mother but there are people who've experienced worst and managed to soldier on. I hope that she can refrain from killing herself long enough to forget about the entire thing. But maybe she'd never forget about it. But then again, maybe she will. I don't know. I do know, however, that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.