Teen Born With Missing Fingers Has Inspiring Response To Internet Bullies.

Sup Travellers?! 2014 has been plagued with teen suicides that stemmed from online bullying. We all shine the light on the people that actually fell victim to online bullying but not enough light is shone on the people who stay strong and weather the storm. People like 17 year old Paige Edwards from New York.

Paige took to the image sharing site, Imgur, and showed the world just how awesome she is despite the fact that she was born with missing fingers on her right hand. She told reporters that the reason why she posted the album was because of the hate that she was getting on the internet from cyber bullies. Below is an excerpt from the album but you can see the entire thing here.

"Basically the point I am trying to make is don’t concentrate on what someone doesn’t have. Concentrate on what they do. Teach your children to accept everyone. I always meet parents who scold their children for asking what happened to my hand, but truthfully that makes them afraid. It makes being different into something that should be looked down on, as if it is something bad. Let them ask questions, let them learn that being different is OKAY!"

I post a lot of homicide and suicide stories on my blog. Paige could have potentially been another one of those stories but she's making headlines in a more inspirational and positive light. She's embracing what makes her different and couldn't care less what other people think [Hopefully]. Her message in a nutshell is, "Oh, you don't like me? Well screw you, I'M AWESOME!!!" My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.