Scientists Have Invented A Cancer Killing Protein. GOODBYE CANCER!!!

Sup Travellers?! It seems that all your charity towards cancer research is finally about to pay off. Scientists at Cornell University have created a usable cancer killing protein. It's a protein that actually causes cancer cells in the body to implode on contact. The protein literally roams the body and kills cancer cells. This sounds way too good to be true but according to the BBC.....IT'S REALLY TRUE!!

Everyone has cancer cells in their body but cancer only becomes a threat when it metastasizes or spreads. The cancer research from Cornell University has led to the creation of the "cancer-killing sticky ball". When these "sticky balls" are unleashed into the bloodstream they attach themselves to white blood cells. When the white blood cells bump into cancer cells in the body the "sticky ball" triggers the death of the cancer cells. Professor Michael King told the BBC: "The results are quite remarkable actually, in human blood and in mice. After two hours of blood flow, they [the tumour cells] have literally disintegrated."

There are still further tests to be done on the revolutionary new invention but if the tests hold up then it is safe to say that humans have fought off cancer. There will still be cancer cells in the body but cancer is only fatal when it spreads. So I won't really call it a cure for cancer but more of a controlling element. I really do hope that this "sticky ball" passes all the tests and goes mainstream. This could potentially save the lives of millions of people worldwide. Wouldn't that be awesome? All we can do now is hope and pray that this is the holy grail of cancer research. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.