Pope Francis Says That The Internet Is A Gift From God.

Sup Travellers?! Whenever you find yourself watching some X rated material or as a victim of cyber bullying on the internet keep in mind that the Pope said that the internet is a gift from God. Now, I may have taken what the pope said about the internet a bit out of context so please forgive me. Let me just quote exactly what was said by Pope Francis according to the LA Times: "The digital world can be an environment rich in humanity, a network not of wires but of people," said Pope Francis, adding, "The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God."

I do agree with the Pope that the possibilities for encounter and solidarity on the internet are immense. As most gifts from God go, it's bittersweet. It's a great tool to be used for good but there are always those folks who can turn it around and use it for evil. As the Church, a strong internet presence is rather important as a means of reaching a wider audience. Many priests and pastors have been embracing the internet so much so that last year the Vatican claimed that by following the World Youth Day event in Rio de Janeiro on Twitter your time in purgatory will be lessened. Now that's......DEEP!!

Eventhough the Pope is pro internet, on Thursday he also warned of the dangers saying, "The speed with which information is communicated exceeds our capacity for reflection and judgment, and this does not make for more balanced and proper forms of self-expression." Too much time spent surfing the web, he added, "can help us either to expand our knowledge or to lose our bearings."

The desire to be online, he said, "can have the effect of isolating us from our neighbors, from those closest to us."

The solution is to slow down. "We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm," Francis said. "This calls for time and the ability to be silent and to listen.

"As I have frequently observed, if a choice has to be made between a bruised church which goes out to the streets and a church suffering from self-absorption, I certainly prefer the first,” he said. The "digital highway" is just another "street teeming with people who are often hurting, men and women looking for salvation or hope."

I don't usually talk about religion on my blog but I just found what the pope said about the internet to be interesting. What do you think? Do you agree with the pope that the internet is a gift from God? I would love to know. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.