Nun Gives Birth In Italy Without Knowing That She Was Pregnant?!

Sup Travellers?! I don't know much about nuns but I do know that there is something very strange about a pregnant nun. The fact that someone is a nun means that they are supposed to be vowed to chastity? Am I right? I think that that is what comes with the title. But when it comes to chastity, a 31 year old nun in Reiti, Italy was having none of that. She got pregnant.

It is very possible to have a child without having sex. A lot of women get pregnant without it. Surrogate mothers do it all the time. The only difference between the nun and surrogate mothers is that......SHE IS NOT A SURROGATE MOTHER. She got pregnant with her own child. This could only mean one thing. She had SEX [DUN DUN DUN]. Nuns aren't supposed to do that. What makes this even crazier is that she claims that she didn't even know that she was pregnant. She went to the hospital complaining of stomach pains and reportedly rejected the doctors' crazy suggestion that she was about to have a baby, reports the Telegraph. "It's not possible, I'm a nun!!" She said to the doctors.

Her little bundle of joy entered into the world soon after and she named him after the pope. The nun worked in an old folks' home, but the assumption is that she got pregnant on a visit to her homeland of El Salvador. "It seems she was not able to resist temptation," says the wise mother superior of her convent. The nun was stripped of her title by the local bishop for breaking her vow of chastity. The diocese and local residents are collecting donations for the newly formed family.

Some people may see this as something relatively small because it's just one nun. But this was actually big news all over the world and reported by news corporations such as BBC and Huffington Post. I'm convinced that she's not the only nun who disobeys the rules of chastity but she's the only in a long time that has been caught so publicly. But the bright side is that she now has a son who could potentially be the next Michelangelo. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.