New Jersey Track star Jumps To Her Death In Apparent Suicide.

Sup Travellers?! A very beautiful and talented 19 year old University of Pennsylvania freshman from New Jersey named Madison Holleran lost her life on Friday. She jumped to her death from a parking garage in an apparent suicide. It is not clear exactly why she killed herself but her father, James Holeran, claims that she killed herself because she was overwhelmed with schoolwork at UPenn. She was a freshman and she probably wasn't able to keep up with her academics especially since she was such a devoted athlete. "We knew she needed help," Mr. Holeran said. "She knew she needed help. She had lost confidence in academics and she also lost confidence in her track abilities." Family friend Bob Weckworth said that the high-achiever ultimately couldn't cope with the expectations she'd set herself.

Holeran posted a photograph of the sunset over Rittenhouse Square to her Instagram account about an hour before she jumped from a parking garage in Downtown Philadelphia at 7 p.m. She left a note to her parents and a couple gifts on top of the parking garage before she jumped. Her family has yet to reveal the contents of the note to the media.

The Daily Mail reports that Holeran was very well known in her school for her achievements in track. She competed for the UPenn cross-country and track teams and as an Allendale high schooler she won the 800-meter New Jersey state championship. She had a very promising future on the track but sadly enough, that future will never be realized. 

I didn't know Holeran personally but based on the information I have acquired I can safely assume that she was a perfectionist. I could be wrong but she seemed like the type of person who was all about the GO HARD OR GO HOME kind of life. This can be seem by her devotion to track that made her a successful trackstar in her community. It also can be seen in the reason why she killed herself. She wasn't as PERFECT as she wanted to be at school so she got depressed and then killed herself. But even in the way she killed herself she tried to be as perfect as possible. She took an amazing photo of the sunset over Rittenhouse Square that had an awesomely majestic glow to it. An hour after she took that perfect picture and uploaded it she readied a note, some gifts then jumped to her death. I wouldn't be surprised if she jumped as soon as the clock had struck 7pm. She was obviously the kind of person who liked being perfect even in suicide. That's just my assumption though...I could be wrong. RIP Madison Holeran. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.