Mother Kills Her Toddlers In 'Exorcism'.

Sup Travellers?! Things can get really violent during an exorcism. I wouldn't know because I've never personally witnessed an exorcism with my own eyes. However I have seen enough episodes of Supernatural to know that sh*t could get serious. But a 28 year old Maryland mother named Zakieya Avery took the seriousness of the situation out of hand. She and 21 year old Monifa Sanford now stand accused of killing two toddlers and attempting to kill two more in what they say was an exorcism. Sanford was also a member of the household.

The Washington Post reports that the bodies of 1-year-old Norell Harris and 2-year-old Zyana Harris were found stabbed multiple times and dead on their mother's bed on Friday morning. 5 year old Taniya Harris and 8 year old Martello Harris were injured but they managed to survive. The two women who were accused claimed that the toddlers were possessed but police say that the women were not adhering to any defined exorcism ritual.

It is likely that the older children survived because of the timely arrival of the police. On Friday morning, a neighbor saw a knife and blood near a car in Avery's yard. The neighbor called the cops and they quickly arrived at the house. Avery tried to run away when the police entered the house but she was soon apprehended along with the other woman. 

You know what movie came out on Friday? Devil's Due. I didn't watch the movie but based on the devil prank video it is obvious that the film was about a devil baby. So from what I just wrote I can assume three things that could have possibly caused Avery to kill her toddlers. She could have gone to the midnight screening of Devil's Due and was paranoid when she returned home. Or, the toddlers were the spawns of Satan bent on destroying the world. Or, Avery had a bit too much bath salts before dead bed. Whatever happened it doesn't change the fact that she's crazy. RIP Norell and Zyana Harris. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.