Male Spiders Twerk In Order To Survive.

Sup Travellers?! Twerking was around for quite some time now, but it first trickled into pop culture in the year 1982 by the group Haysi Fantayzee on the Top of the Pops show. Twerking was also a very prominent dance in hip-hop culture by way of the New Orleans bounce music in the 90s. That's not a very important piece of history but history is history. However, it seems like twerking was around for a much longer time than we thought. The ancient arachnids have been twerking even before it was....."cool". But spiders don't twerk in order to entertain. Spiders twerk in order to avoid being eaten. TWERK OR BE EATEN!!!

According to Livescience, the male black widow is the master of the art of twerking. A new study shows that the spiders twerk their abdomens as a way to alert the female of a potential mate. If done incorrectly the male spider can be eaten alive by the female. The vibrations are supposed to be different from the staccato, sporadic movements caused by ensnared prey. "They take a few steps and then they stop and vibrate their abdomen, and then they take a few steps and vibrate again," study researcher Samantha Vibert, a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University in Canada, said of the males.

So now we know why Miley Cyrus twerks so much. She twerks to avoid being consumed by the salient and venomous clutches of irrelevancy. Everything makes so much sense now. Robin Thicke's black and white suit in the VMAs was a symbolic representation of.....SPIDERS!!!! The black represented the spider and the white represented the spider web. GENIUS [LOL]. Miley should change her name from Miley Cyrus to Spidey Cyrus. The name fits her. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.