'Mad Dog' The Cannibal Eats Muslims.

Sup Travellers?! Remember that article I wrote the other day concerning the Irish man who ate his landlord's heart? Well in Ireland something like that is dealt with in the court of law. There's a justice system in place to keep people like that off the streets. However, in places like Bangui, people like that walk the streets without a care in the world. According to reports from the BBC, a man who calls himself Mad Dog eats Muslims in public. His real name is Ouandja Magloire.

There is a ton of evidence showing Mad Dog and his posse killing and eating Muslims. Enough evidence to easily get him jailed but for some reason, he's still at loose. He was even interviewed by a BBC journalists so it's obvious that he's not in hiding. There is apparently no justice for the Muslims who were murdered and eaten. The latest incident reportedly occurred on Sunday and you can see some pictures from that incident over at Daily Mail [I must warn you that the photos are very graphic in nature so viewer discretion is advised]. He spotted the man on a minibus and followed after him because he looked Muslim. He gathered a crowd of about 20 "Christian" youths who forced the bus driver to stop and dragged him from the bus. Without emotion he told the BBC: "I poured petrol over him. I burned him. I ate his leg, right down the white bone.

Violence in the Central African Republic has reached a shocking high ever since rebels installed the country’s first Muslim leader last March. But that's not the main reason why Mad Dog is killing and eating Muslims. He says that he's doing it in the name of vengeance. He told a BBC reporter at the time that his action was revenge for the murders of his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law and her baby. "They broke down the door and cut my baby in half. I promised I would get my revenge," he said.

Mad Dog claims to be a Christian and i'm completely baffled by that. I don't want to get all religious on here but how can someone who murders others and eats their flesh call them self a Christian? That's crazy to me. Another thing that baffles me is the way how he put the whole Muslim community in a box. One group of Muslims killed his family so he's now killing every Muslim that he sees. The Muslim man on the minibus probably never even hurt a fly in his life. That's UNFAIR!!! But if we look at this in a general sense we can learn a thing or two about religion. Religion is good but it has a way of segregating society and putting every single person in a religious group into a stereotypical box. This is how it has been for a long while and Mad Dog is just one of those crazy folks who is unable to look pass self made stereotypes. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.