Justin Bieber's Mother Wants Us To Pray For Him.

Sup Travellers?! We all know that Justin Bieber is a douchebag. Can I say that? Douchebag? It's not good to call people names but there is no denying that fact about Justin Bieber. I used to get a kick out of writing about all the crap that he does but I've gotten to the point where I just wish that he could just drop out of the spotlight already. He's more of a menace to society at this point. 

A regular celebrity can be a pain in the ass sometimes but when that celebrity is pissing in mop buckets, fighting in clubs and throwing eggs on houses, it is safe to say that that celebrity is a bona fide douchebag. Even Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, thinks that. She didn't say it directly but her interview with the UK Sun said it all.

During her interview she urges all his fans to pray for him during his trying times. "I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they get influenced somehow… I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds. I pray for him every day… If Justin's struggling, don't kick him when he's down or condemn him - pray for him.

I have no doubt that Justin's mom is proud of his achievements but there is more to life than achievements. Attitude has a big part to play in life and it seems like Justin Bieber is unaware of that. One can argue that his fast paced celebrity lifestyle has led to his recent behaviors but that excuse can only be valid for so long before it becomes a load of nonsense!! Justin Bieber needs something and his mother says that it's prayers. Prayers can go a long way but I think he needs more than that. He needs a good motherly ass whopping!!! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.