Former Miss Venezuela Shot Dead In Attempted Robbery.

Sup Travellers?! The people of Venezuela went into mourning this week when their very own, Monica Spear was shot and killed in an attempted robbery. The 29 year old was very well known not only as the former Miss Venezuela but also as a rising telenovela actress. She won the title of Miss Venezuela in 2004 and participated in Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand. She then went into acting where she got her big break in the US market by starring in Telemundo’s “Flor Salvaje” in 2011.

Globovision reports that Spear was travelling with her husband and daughter on the Puerto Cabello-Valencia highway in Venezuela Monday night when her 2002 Toyota Corolla crashed. But it wasn't the car crash that killed the young actress/model. Police reports confirmed that Spear and her husband Thomas Henry Berry, 49, were shot and killed by unknown assailants. The assailants were attempting to steal the crashed car and the couple showed resistance. Their 5 year old daughter was also shot but she managed to survive. 

Even though Spear was a native of Venezuela she spent most of her time in Miami. In an interview prior to the incident, Spear stated that she left Venezuela because of security issues. She was only in Venezuela on holidays when she was killed. Now we have a 5 year old girl with the traumatic memory of her parents being killed in front of her. If you've seen the movie "Colombiana" you'd know that shit could get serious very fast. RIP Monica Spear. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.