Boy Sets Himself On Fire In School Cafeteria.

Sup Travellers?! I've got some really horrific news coming out from the state of Colorado. According to reports from The Denver Channel, a 16 year old student burnt 80% of his body yesterday morning after dousing himself in fire in his school cafeteria and igniting himself. He is now hospitalized in critical condition.

The motive for his actions has yet to be fully determined but investigators believe that he was planning it for a while. Before he set himself on fire the 16 year old took to social media saying that "this is not someone's fault. I had this planned for years." He added that friends tried talking him out of it over the weekend, but "if anyone says that they know why I did this ... nobody knows and nobody will."

The reports say that while he was on fire he ran up to students in attempt to grab them but two cafeteria workers saved the day by quickly putting out the fire before it killed the boy and before other students could have gotten hurt. Now police are investigating what led up to the suicide attempt and whether any threats were made against the school, "It’s concerning because we’re seeing more and more of the incidents and you’re never prepared," said a police spokeswoman.

This boy was most likely attempting more than just suicide. Burning yourself alive leads to a slow and very painful death which makes it a very unpopular choice. What makes this even sadder is that the boy is still alive in a state of suffering. I know that sounded bad but having 80% of your body burnt is probably one of the most painful things to experience in this life. Hopefully the doctors can get him back to normal and get him some SERIOUS help. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.