Bieber Arrested For 2nd Time In Week.

Sup Travellers?! Justin Bieber has gotten himself into some more hot water. If driving under the influence and drag racing wasn't enough trouble for the week, the famed 19 year old just had to go get himself into a fight. CBS reports that the Biebs and five others were being transported by a limousine last night after a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game in Toronto. But as they were being driven to the hotel a fight apparently broke out.

One of the passengers hit the limo driver in the back of the head multiple times, police say, and then left the scene before police got there. It isn't clear if Justin Bieber was the passenger who assaulted the driver but he became a main suspect when he failed to show up for a police interview after the incident. He later turned himself in at a Toronto police station last night, where he was charged with assault and then quickly released. His first court appearance is scheduled for March 10. 

Bieber is currently still facing possible charges over the egging of his neighbor's house and is still in hotwater for his DUI and drag racing case. There is also a petition to deport Bieber and revoke his green card which over 100,000 people have signed. The decision to deport Bieber back to Canada is now in Obama's hand but the real question is.....DOES CANADA WANT BIEBER BACK? After that razzle tazzle with the Toronto driver it seems like Bieber is trouble no matter where he goes. Bieber needs to get his shit together before he finds himself messing with the wrong person. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.