An Ohio Woman Is Legally Trying To Change Her First Name To 'Sexy'

Sup Travellers?! Some women will do anything to be called sexy and an Ohio woman by the name Ranea Crabtree is no exception. The only difference is that she wants to be called Sexy, with a capital S and she's willing to go through the legal process of getting it done. The Columbus Dispatch reports that Crabtree will be appearing before a judge on February 11th to request the name change.

The reason why she wants to change her name is because she doesn't like her first name, Sheila. She always goes by her middle name which is Ranea but in a matter of days her name could be changed to Sexy. She considers "Sheila" her ugly name and will prefer to be legally called "Sexy" because she wears "Victoria's Secret clothes all the time." Man I so wish that I could make this stuff up [LOL].

On her February 11th hearing, Crabtree will have to plead her case and according to Time Newfeed it is very likely that her name will be changed because majority of name changes are given the green light in court. But if the court doesn't allow her to change her name to Sexy she will try for her back up name, Sparkle. "If he denies it, I'm just going to go for Sparkle and wish he had gone for Sexy."

The judge who will be deciding on the fate of her name is Licking County Judge Robert Hoover who has both accepted and denied a couple weird names in his time. He once denied a "Winnie Pooh" and "Tasmanian Devil". He once allowed someone to re-dub themselves “StoneKeepTalkingTree”. But those names aren't that strange when you consider some of the names that have been given the green light in Britain. According to Time Newsfeed a British man changed his name from Daniel Knox-Hewson's to Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Goku Sonic Xavier Ryu Cloud Superman HeMan Batman Thrash.

I really don't think that that name "Sexy" can be allowed on the streets.Think about it. What if a little child calls her by the name Sexy? Wouldn't that be inappropriate even though it's her name? A minor calling a big woman sexy could actually cause a lot of problems. The woman's age hasn't been released but she is definitely not a teen. She is actually the mother of two teens. I really believe that she's not going to get the name change. No judge in his right mind will accept that. But imagine if she does get it. Her name will be Sexy Crabtree. Now isn't that a mouthful. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed