Women Arrested 396 Times Promises To Avoid Number 397.

Sup Travellers?! Jail is supposed to be a place where criminals could reflect on their wrongs and learn from their mistakes, but some people just never learn. A 52 year old Chicago woman named Shermain Miles managed to get herself arrested 396 times in the space of just 35 years. The offences that got her arrested so many times range from minor ones such as disorderly conduct to more severe ones such as an assault on a local alderman two years ago.

"I’m really not that bad a person," Miles says. "It was the alcohol I was drinking that turned me into a monster." Some people of Chicago are dreading her return to the public but Miles hopes that the people can "find it in their hearts to forgive me . . .

Hopefully, she’s seen the light and is tired of being incarcerated," says the chair of the state's Parole Review Board.

Getting arrested 396 times is a different kind of crazy. Jail in Chicago is obviously too nice and needs to be made a bit more harsh. People should not be looking forward to go to jail. She even smiles in some of her mugshots. CRAZY!!!! Somehow I believe that Miles hasn't been stumped yet and may still get arrested for some crazy sh*t. Maybe she's trying to be like Brian Lara and make 400 not out [LOL].  She's definitely not too far from achieving that. I hope she doesn't. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.