Woman Shoots Her Daughter Dead Thinking That It Was Her Boyfriend.

Sup Travellers?! Things took a turn for the worst last week when a 52 year old Florida woman shot and killed her 25 year old daughter. Adele Bing was arrested in Winter Haven Florida for the murder. It was reported by the New York Daily News that the reason why Adele killed her daughter, Ruby Bing, was because she thought that it was her boyfriend.

Ruby went to her mother's house and knocked on the door with a 4 month old baby in her arms. Adele positioned herself in front of the door with a gun and shot Ruby in the chest as soon as the door swung open. Adele told police that she feared it was her boyfriend banging on her front door to get in after they got into a violent fight earlier in the day.

"The boyfriend, 39 year-old James Lane, was at the hospital being treated for injuries to his head after Adele Bing hit him with a gun," according to police. In an alleged bid to protect herself, the 52-year-old armed herself with a gun and a baseball bat.  "As she opened the door a shot was fired, hitting her daughter in the upper chest. The 4 month-old was not injured," said police. Bing was arrested and charged with second degree murder and child abuse without great bodily harm.

Ruby said that it was all simply a case of mistaken identity but she told police that she should be locked up "for good." She was just a woman trying to defend herself from her boyfriend. She's still wrong but I believe that her boyfriend should be charged with attempted murder. Adele probably has some underlying issues but Lane is without a doubt the one who got her paranoid. I don't know how the law will work in this case but I think Lane should face some sort of punishment for this. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.