Woman Faces Life In Jail For Identifying Her Rapist.

Sup Travellers?! Back in 1995 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook Japan killing over 6000 people. That was just a brief history lesson for you. But that wasn't the only thing that happened in 1995. Among other things, a sophomore at Pomona College named Norma Patricia Esparza went to a bar in Santa Ana, California with a group and identified a man she said had raped her in her college dorm. The LA Times reports that the man was later found dead.

Flash forward to the year 2013 and Esparza is now a married 39 year old psychology professor with a 4 year old daughter living in France. Did I mention that she is also charged for first-degree special circumstances murder? Esparza says her ex-boyfriend Gianni Anthony Van forced her to point out her rapist and then asked her to conceal his crime for nearly two decades. Prosecutors say she conspired to commit the killing, even though she did not actually carry it out. "The principle of what they're asking me is to plead guilty to something that they know I am not responsible for," Esparza said outside the Santa Ana courthouse with her husband and 4-year-old daughter Thursday. "It would essentially be a lie." If convicted of murder, Esparza faces the possibility of life without parole. 

So Esparza gets all the blame for the murder of the rapist while the murderers are freely roaming the earth. BULLSHIT!! Even though Esparza could be lying to save her skin I still think that her punishment is a bit harsh. She's facing life in prison for a crime that she didn't commit......18 YEARS AGO!! She claims that she pointed out her rapist because her ex boyfriend forced her to do so. She claims that it was decision to kill the man, not hers. She could be lying but why are the judges making a decision without proper information. Where is Gianni Anthony Van? Maybe they should hassle him first before they throw an innocent mother in jail for life. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.