Trini Teen Drowns In Caura River.

Sup Travellers?! Tragedy struck a Mayo family on Saturday when 18 year old Rakesh Sinanan drowned in the Caura River, Tacarigua. Rakesh's mother, Minnie Hosein, said that the body of her son was found floating in the water two hours after he went missing.  She also said that it was the first time in several years that she went out with her son to a beach or a river lime.

The Express reports that during the time that he went missing, searches were carried out all around the area in order to locate him. The searches were futile and the body was only found when it eventually surfaced. Hosein stated that some bathers had stepped on the body while bathing but no one who was in the river at the time knew or saw how or when he drowned. It's so strange that people were in the river at the time during his death but the whole incident just blind sided everyone. Not even a cry for help was heard. Some people could say that his mother should have been looking out for her son but one must understand that Rakesh is 18 years of age. He isn't a baby that has to be watched over all the time.

The last conversation Hosein had with Sinanan was when he gave her flowers to bless the water with before bathing, which is a Hindu custom. “I don’t know what I will do anymore. Everything I have is gone...he was all I had. He was always home helping me to do anything. We never quarrelled. He wanted to be a pilot and he really hoped one day he would have been able to fly an airplane,” Hosein cried.

The first time in years Hosein went on a beach lime with her son and he drowned. I could only imagine how she's feeling right now. Another thing to note is that Rakesh's father committed suicide about ten years ago leaving Hosein to take care of their two children. Rakesh is the youngest of the two sons. My condolences to the Hosein and the rest of the family on their tragic loss. RIP Rakesh. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.