Thousands Of Americans Homeless After Tornado Rips Through The Midwest.

Sup Travellers?! Yesterday wasn't particularly a good in America. According to the BBC, multiple large, destructive and fast-moving tornadoes struck Midwest United States on Sunday causing extensive damage in several central Illinois communities and killing as much as six people. 

The community of Washington in central Illinois apparently got the extent of the damage with one resident saying that his entire neighborhood was wiped out in a matter of seconds by what appeared to be a tornado. "The whole neighborhood's gone, the wall of my fireplace is all that is left of my house," he said. The  full extent of the damage hasn't yet been fully assessed but what I can say is that things don't look very good at all. 

Hundreds of thousands have been left without power in states including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. The American Red Cross has set up emergency shelters for thousands of people made homeless by the storms, and teams have begun the search for people who may have been trapped in debris. 

American people are strong, they can get through this. I wish the people of the Midwest best of luck in rebuilding their communities. My name is Trinikid and you have just been informed [No redman jokes please]