This Is Probably The Sexiest That You'll Ever See Selena Gomez In A Long Time!! She Gets Decked Out In Lingerie.

Sup Travellers?! Today was a relatively slow day when it comes to news that i'm interested in so I just decided to post a very sexy photo gallery of Selena Gomez from her latest photo shoot with Flaunt Magazine. The photos were uploaded online today and in the shoot, the famed Disney star got all decked out in some fine Lingerie making it the first time that I ever saw her in Lingerie. Selena doesn't usually show much skin, unlike her peers, but when she does it's always a wonderful sight. Have you seen Spring Break? I haven't seen it but from what I heard, she looked good. Anyway, enough words. Check out the photos from her photo shoot below but as you do, just remember that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.