Taylor Swift And Candice Swanepoel Headline The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. See Photos Inside.

Sup Travellers?! Last night was the night when fashion took the front seat and drove us to some crazy winter wonderland with hot chicks dressed in Lingerie and other expensive sh*t. Last night was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I didn't watch the show on TV but thank God for the internet who showed once again that TV is as useless as a pair of mittens on a kitten. 

Below is a photo gallery of some of that Victoria's secret magic that we all love. I must also mention that Candace Swanepoel wore a $10 million bra during the show. That's something you should take note of next time you decide to pay a visit to a homeless shelter. Anyway, enough talk. Check out the photos below but as you do just remember that my name is Trinikid and you have just been informed.