Rihanna Drops New Music Video For Her Song, "What Now"

Sup Travellers?! How long ago did Rihanna's Unapologetic album come out? It's almost a year since her album came out and most of us would have probably forgotten about it by now if Rihanna didn't keep on reminding us that it's on iTunes for $14.99. There isn't much word about a potential eighth studio album for Rihanna but it seems as though she is quite content on promoting her year old album, "Unapologetic" with music videos. A couple weeks ago she released the music video for her song, "Pour it up" and today she released the music video for her song, "What Now".

The music video she released today looks like another low budget music video that Ri Ri and her team just put together for putting together sake. I love Rihanna but her last two music videos were just garbage. Good songs, but crappy ass music videos. Since the music video for "Diamonds" it seems as though the budget for her music videos took a plunge downwards as if it went in search for DIAMONDS OIL!! For a Grammy award winning artiste I would have expected a little more effort in a music video. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you have just been informed.