Pit Bull Bites Off Little Boy's Genitals.

Sup Travellers?! I think that this is like the millionth time that I wrote about an incident involving a pit bull. I usually back the pit bulls because I know a lot of them that wouldn't hurt a fly. However i'm beginning to think that pit bulls are just disasters waiting to happen. There was an incident a couple weeks ago in Yonkers, New York with a pit bull and a 5 year old boy that was just plain nuts.

USA Today reports that the 5 year old boy was snuggled in his 13 year old aunt's bed when, out of nowhere, his aunt's pit bull rushed him and completely bit off his penis. Two weeks later, the 5 year old boy is still hospitalized and charges have been filed against his grandmother, Marissa Pettiford, and two others. The dog, named Momma, was euthanized after police described it as "unlicensed, dangerous and vicious." As for the boy, he probably faces multiple surgeries and may not ever have his penis reattached.

Another day, another stupid pit bull attack that could have been avoided. I am no longer backing pit bulls. I could, as I always do, blame the owner but this time around I think that pit bulls don't deserve to be around humans, especially ones that they don't know. I've read too many articles about pit bull attacks to understand that they are vicious creatures no matter how tamed they seem. You don't see Chihuahua's going around biting people's nuts off, now do you? My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.