Miss World Trinidad And Tobago Gets Stripped Of Her Title Because Of Corruption.

Sup Travellers?! I'm a bit late on this but according to the Trinidad Express, Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Sherrece Villafana, has been stripped of her title. I personally don't care and the reason why I don't care is very simple. THE MISS WORLD PAGEANT HAS ENDED!!! I don't care if she gets stripped of her title, I will still consider her a former Miss World T&T. It even says so on Wikipedia.

In a release yesterday, the head of the Miss World T&T Organization, Athaliah Samuel, cited conduct that was not in keeping with the “high moral and ethical obligations” of the organisation as the reason for stripping Villafana of the title. In a telephone interview, Samuel said Villafana, 19, was dethroned because of a dispute over funds she received from the Office of the Prime Minister. Villafana received a $200,000 cheque from the office of the Prime Minister and Samuel got pissed because Villafana didn't say anything about it. “I didn’t expect that type of behaviour from a person who is supposed to represent me and my country,” Samuel added.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Villafana confirmed she collected and cashed the cheque from the Office of the Prime Minister because it was in HER NAME. However, she said that she handed over the money to two pageant committee members. Those funds, Villafana said, were spent on dresses, shoes and other accessories for her participation in the pageant. When asked about the allegation by Samuel that she did not tell them about collecting the cheque, Villafana said: “Why? I gave it to them. They are on the committee.

I'm not going to support anyone in this because it seems to me like everyone in the organization is ON SHIT!! Villafana should have done the right thing and told Samuel that she got a big cheque from Aunty Kamla. But, maybe Villafana didn't tell Samuel about the cheque because of some underlying reason that isn't being revealed. I'm not going to speculate what that reason could be but it's only fair to say that the cheque was under Villafana's name and not under Samuel's or the Miss World T&T Organization's. Villafana telling Samuel about the cheque would have just been under pure courtesy and not protocol. [SAMUEL CYAH COASE!!!] The mistake that the Miss World T&T Organization made was putting a former Miss World T&T representative as the head. Something like that is just begging for a clash of egos, diva behaviour and other things that shouldn't be present in an organization. I'm sure that there is a lot more to the story but i'm absolutely positive that the money was only a small part of this tale. But whatever the case may be, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.