Miley Cyrus Becomes A Nude Alien In Future's New Music Video For "Real And True"

Sup Travellers?! Future released a new music video yesterday and i'm sure that none of you care. But what if I say that Miley Cyrus is in the music video as a Nude Alien? I'm sure that none of you also don't care but it's only because of your immense curiosity and love for Miley Cyrus that you are reading this right now and clicked play on the music video above [LOL]. 

It's now a given that once you have Miley Cyrus in your music video people will flock in their millions to watch it. The video hasn't crossed a million yet but I can guarantee that it will go viral in under a day. I can guarantee that. Anyway, putting all that aside, the music video is actually cool. I love the futuristic theme that easily correlated with Future's name. It made the music video even more worth the watch. Some people might hate me for saying this but I must admit that Miley Cyrus looked good. I done talk [LOL]. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.