Guest Post: Reasons Why you Should Buy British

Buying products imported from other countries seems like a great idea until you think about what it’s doing to the environment.  Importing leaves a huge black mark on your carbon footprint, not to mention you’re supporting makers and designers across the globe rather than home-grown British talent.  With emerging artists and designers here in the UK, there’s no reason to go elsewhere.  This is showcased by who include the very best British designers, makers and service providers on their site.   So here are a number reasons why you should buy British.

#1. Reduce your carbon footprint
We’ve already touched on this, but by buying locally grown, organic produce or choosing locally produced clothes and shoes, you’re reducing your impact on the environment.  How do you think those bananas got to your table?  Transport by air, land and sea has a huge impact on the planet, and if you want to do your bit, you need to invest in British made goods and produce from local suppliers.  This doesn’t mean scrimping on quality, as you’ll find plenty of luxury British brands offering everything from organic vegetable boxes to hand-crafted wedding invitations.
#2. Support local talent
With so much creativity and talent on the British scene, it would be rude to shop elsewhere. Luxury brands such as Eponine highlight the very best of British design – a tour of their showroom in Kensington, London is enough to secure them a place in your heart – and you’ll find everything you could need right here in the UK, created by up and coming British designers and established companies. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions or cosmetics, you’ll find it here.

#3. Be proud of your heritage
Donning your stylish asymmetric Eponine dress or Cassia diamond pendant, you know that you’re wearing something that’s distinctively British. You’re proud to be a British citizen, so show it by supporting local artists, designers and makers who create high-end ranges designed to please even the most discerning members of the British public.

#4. Affordable luxury
Luxury goods cost less when they’re not imported from halfway around the world, so you can afford to treat yourself to more little luxuries when you shop the best of British designs and produce.  You can afford to buy two or three matching Cassia earring and necklace sets rather than just the one you had your eye on, or treat yourself to a case of wine rather than just the one bottle.

#5. Seasonal shopping
By shopping for locally grown, organic produce that’s in season, you’re protecting your health as well as the environment. These fruits and vegetables won’t be grown with nasty pesticides, and because they’re in season, they’ll be fresh from the tree or ground, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.  Seasonal shopping and cooking could even save you money, as you’re not paying prices which include add-ons for duty and other taxes when goods are imported from other countries.

So there you have it, 5 very good reasons why you should buy British, no matter what the time of ye