Groom Runs Off, Guest Marries Bride Instead.

Sup Travellers?! If you're a 30 year old unmarried man and want to get married as soon as possible I would recommend that you go to plenty weddings in India. You may get very "lucky" if you do. You never know when the Groom could run off like a little pu*sy and leave his bride to the next highest bidder. Not sure if that's a good thing but a Lakshmimanagaram family in India believes that it's the next best thing.

According to reports from Times of India, a man by the name of Sivakumar, got married to his relative on Tuesday after the bridegroom failed to show up to his own wedding. The Bridegroom had apparently gotten into an argument with the family of the bride on Monday and decided to boycott his wedding. Even though there was an argument the day before the wedding, the family still expected the groom to show up. When he didn't show up, the family went into a frenzy.  However, Sivakumar, kindly agreed to marry the bride which the family called a "kind gesture". The family was "relieved" when the wedding took place on schedule and the guests congratulated him for his kindness. 

I think Sivakumar is an opportunist and took the opportunity while it lasted. I would have given him a salute but it completely freaks me out that Sivakumar and the bride are related. So his decision to marry her could lead to some strange kind of incest. Is that like a normal in India? It seems to me like the guests and family were completely not phased in any way by the fact that they were related. They seemed more concern to just get the wedding done on time. I could imagine the mother and the father of the bride sitting down thinking about the shitloads of money that they spent on the wedding and saying to themselves, "SOMEBODY HADDA GET MARRIED TODAY!!!" Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.