Entire Town Celebrates Christmas In October For Boy With Terminal Cancer.

Sup Travellers?! A small community called Port Clinton in Ohio had an early Christmas this year and the reason behind it was amazing. ABC 13 reports that the community decided to celebrate Christmas in October to be able make the dream of a 13 year old cancer patient come true. The teen's name is Devin Kohlman and he's suffering from a very deadly form of brain cancer.

The boy has been suffering from the dreaded disease for almost a year but things never seemed to get better. Just recently, his family learned that Devin was no longer responding to treatment and that he most likely will not live long enough to see Christmas this year.  When Devin got the devastating news he said all he wanted was to spend time at home with friends and family and get the chance to celebrate Christmas. 

His wish seemingly came through because right after being released from the Cincinnati's Children's Hospital on Sunday, hundreds of people from the community awaited him in the streets and gave him a very jubilant homecoming. "When we got over the bay we could see all the police cars, fire trucks, and everything lined up with lights," Devin’s Mom, Alexis, told ABC 13. "I told him that they were all there for him and his eyes were huge!"

The very next day, a large group of people assembled by a park outside his house, decorated it with lights and built snowmen. They even released hundreds of balloons in the air. "[We're] trying to give some type of relief to the parents to let them know that they're not in it alone. We're here to support them," Port Clinton Mayor Vincent Leone told Toledo News Now. "Personally, I believe in God and I pray that he's watching out for him. I know he is."

Devin's wish of being alive for Christmas on the 25th of December may not come true because his disease is a very serious one. But his dream of celebrating Christmas before he dies did come true and it's all thanks to the amazing people of Port Clinton. I find it amazing that a whole community would actually do something like that for one ailing boy. JUST ONE!! That shows a lot of heart. It's not very logical but the best things in life aren't logical. Things like love. Hopefully Devin enjoyed his Christmas celebrations this year. The rest of the world still has to wait till the 25th of December. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.