Did Kanye West Knock Out Two Paparazzi In The Middle Of The Street? [VIDEO]

Sup Travellers?! There is a video circulating the web which seemingly shows Kanye West brawling with two paparazzi. In the video the supposed Kanye knocks out the two paparazzi with some girly punches and runs off. The incident was said to happen in Austin Texas and everyone assumed that the man in the video was Kanye West.

I was fooled the first time I saw the video because the man obviously looks very much like Kanye. However, after doing some web surfing I found out that the man in the video is not Kanye. TMZ reports that the man in the video is not the famed rapper but just a man that looks like him. At the time of the fight, Kanye West was not in Austin Texas so there was absolutely no way that he could have been in the video. People close to Kanye also denied that it was him. You can check out the video above and decide if the man looks like Kanye or not but at the end of the day, my name is Trnikid and you've just been informed.