WEIRD: Groom Forgets Bride In Gas Station, Doesn't Notice For Hours.

Sup Travellers?! Of all the things to forget when returning from your honeymoon, you might want to make sure that your new bride isn't one of them.. That'd definitely make for a rocky start to your life together. But a groom from Germany wasn't even thinking that far when he unbeknownstly left his wife stranded in a gas station.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, a German couple's marriage got off to a rocky start when the groom forgot his bride at a highway gas station on the way home from their honeymoon, only noticing she was missing after hours had passed.

Police said Friday the couple was heading home to Berlin from France when the man pulled over near the central town of Bad Hersfeld late Thursday to fill up their van. The Bride had been sleeping the whole time in the van but she got up and went to the toilet without the groom knowing. When she returned from the toilet, she realized that her new husband had driven off without her. The groom eventually noticed that his wife was missing but it only took him two and a half hours.

My first reaction was: is he stupid?” the 33-year-old bride said in a radio interview. “I had no money and no telephone with me. I’m not angry with my husband. He didn’t mean it.” I don't think that you can count leaving your wife in a gas station as an honest mistake but I digress. It was most definitely a long drive and the man was probably just as tired as his wife was [who was sleeping]. I'm sure he can make it up to her by taking her to the gas station and filling her up [If you know what I mean]. Let's just hope that he doesn't make the same mistake again but even if he does or even if he doesn't, it doesn't change the fact that my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.