WEIRD: Pregnant Two Year Old Boy Gives Birth In China.

Sup Travellers?! A two year old Chinese boy named name Xiao Feng turned heads around the world after he gave birth. Yes, you read that very right. A two year old boy gave birth in China. However, it wasn't a conventional pregnancy that usually entails a woman and a man. No, not like that at all [That would have been horrendous]. The boy was pregnant with his own BROTHER that seemingly grew as a foetus in him.

According to reports from Daily Mail UK,  Xiao was taken to a hospital in Huaxi after his stomach had become so distended that he began to suffer breathing issues.  Doctors took x-rays and MRI scans and discovered that Feng was carrying the undeveloped fetus of his own twin inside his stomach. He was instantly rushed to surgery where the foetus was removed in a rare case of cryptodidymus or conjoined twins

The removed foetus measured 20 cm in width and had a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes. The parasitic twin would have developed into a boy and had grown so large that almost 2/3rds of his affected twin's stomach was taken up. Xiao was able to survive the surgery but the fate of his twin brother is still unknown. Not sure if the Chinese doctors could recreate a womb and get the foetus growing again. Not sure but that would be so cool [Imagine how that conversation would be when the two of them grow older.] Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.