WEIRD: Love Vanilla Ice Cream? Well Vanilla Ice Cream Comes From A Beaver's Butt.

Sup Travellers?! Do you like Vanilla Ice Cream? Well did you know that every time you lick a vanilla ice cream you are basically licking a beaver's butt? [I bullsh*t you not] A Beaver's butt is the key ingredient to some of the vanilla flavoring in vanilla flavored goods such as vanilla ice cream.

Beavers like to mark their territory with a musky, vanilla compound located in sacs between the pelvis and the base of the tail. Manufacturers have been extracting the vanilla compound from beaver butt for as much as 80 years to flavor foods and perfumes. However it's usually a very sticky situation because the compound often mixes with urine and anal gland secretions [A very sticky situation]. The sticky and slimy substance is extracted by anesthetizing a beaver and "milking" its nether regions.

"You can milk the anal glands so you can extract the fluid," wildlife ecologist Joanne Crawford tells National Geographic. "You can squirt it out. It’s pretty gross." But she admits to sticking her nose in there and taking a whiff: "People think I’m nuts. I tell them, 'Oh, but it’s beavers; it smells really good.'"

So the next time you decide to have a vanilla sundae just remember that a poor bieber's beaver's butt was assaulted in order to get you that. Be grateful to the beavers while you enjoy your BEAVER BUTT SUNDAE SPECIAL! Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.