VIDEO: Tessanne Chin Goes Up Against Donna Allen On The Voice Battle Round.

Sup Travellers?! A few weeks ago, Tessanne Chin wowed the judges on the Voice with her amazing vocals. All the judges were really desperate to have her on their team but in the end Adam Levine was able to snatch the Caribbean vocalist. Another amazing that Adam snatched up was Donna Allen and in the battle round both Donna and Tessanne faced off in a clash of the titans. 

Adam Levine can only choose one of the two and the big question is....WHO WILL HE PICK? [The better question is: WHO DID HE PICK? It happened already] I really hope that he picked Tessanne since she is from Caribbean and I got to support my fellow Caribbean. But Donna was also really well. Let's wait it out and see who got the kudos on this one. The battle round kicks off on October 14th at 9/8c on NBC. However I am speculating that Tessanne may have lost the round and was sent home. She posted on Facebook today, "Waking in paradise!!! Surrounded by His awesome creation #grateful #sweetjamaica #nofilter #masterartist". The only reason she'd be back home in Jamaica now is if she got sent home on the Voice. But let's not jump to any conclusions until after it airs on Monday. I'll definitely be tuned in. The video above is a sneak preview of the battle. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. ummmmm she is home bcuz battle and knockout rounds arnt live they r taped from aroun july/august.... so dont make any asssumptions.... can tell u watching the show for the 1st time

  2. I no teassann is gonna win the voice


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