TRINIDAD: Trini Man Rapes His Own Mother.

Sup Travellers?! Today was going so well...SO WELL until I found out about the man who raped his own mother. Am I the only who finds this to be completely and UTTERLY distasteful? I really hope not. The Trinidad Newsday reported that a 41 year old unemployed man is currently being sought by Chaguanas police after he raped and assaulted his 60 year old mother at their Chaguanas home on Sunday.

Police are saying that the incident happened at about 7:15am after the woman took a bath at a bathroom next to her son's room. When she had finished bathing she wrapped a towel around herself and walked past her son's bedroom. Her son, who was sleeping, followed after his mother, threw her on her bed, then raped and assaulted her.

After he was finished he fled the scene and has not yet been found by the police. The weeping mother then went to the Chaguanas police station and made the report. The victim was taken to District Medical Officer Dr Indarjit Birja who medically examined her and confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted. 

The whole situation must have been traumatic for the elderly woman. It's reported that the woman will be given some counselling to help her deal with the whole thing. A mother should never have to worry about being assaulted by her son. That's absurd. The only question really is what would the mother want to happen to her son? Would she want her son to go to jail? I think that she would want him to go to jail. Maybe if he was younger she might have shown him some mercy but a 41 year old man should know better than that. It's only fair that the mother gets some justice. Anyway, my name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.


  1. absolutely distasteful and unacceptable, this is not even a youth man its a 41 yr old..... ???? not saying that it's ok for a youth to do it... but the thought of his mother is so old! he suppose to be protecting her! omg... what else?

  2. It's really sad that she had to experience this at such an old age, She doesn't have much more time on earth and this is definitely not going to be a nice way to leave......

  3. Jail? Put him to rest like a the sick dog that he is 41 years old works no where his mother must have been using her little pension money to mine his ass and that what he will do. No person in there right mind will do that and then when he finished interfering with is own mother he runs...WOW just to show how sick he felt after. What in the world I mean she gave birth to you why the hell will you watch your mother who loved you and took care of you up to that age and turn around and rapes her. Just to show you these sick bastards is just digging a deeper hole for trinidad Shameful


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