TRINIDAD: Swine Flu Hits Trinidad....AGAIN!

Sup Travellers?! Just when we thought that Swine Flu was gone.......IT'S BACK. I won't say that it's back with a vengeance but it still does have the potential to kill people and that's never a good thing in any context [Obviously]. Along with the dreaded swine flu there was another disease called bird flu that recently evolved into a much more dangerous "version" and plagued China earlier last year. That disease was quickly shut down but as one problem was removed another one resurfaces and this time, in the Caribbean Trinidad.

Dr. Fuad Khan, the minister of Health in Trinidad and Tobago said in an interview yesterday evening that there are “two suspected cases of H1N1-related deaths in Trinidad.” He ensured to stress on the word "suspected" because it usually takes a couple of days to determine if Swine Flu was the cause of death. He also confirmed six new cases of H1N1. He then went on to say that there are NO cases of bird flu in Trinidad at the time contrary to popular belief. There is only swine flu and that disease has been in the country since 2010. The media [Trinidad Express] yesterday said that bird flu was in Trinidad with a big headline "BIRD FLU IS HERE" but Dr. Khan blatantly denied the rumors posted by the Trinidad Express [The article was later deleted by the Express FOR BEING FALSE AS SH*T. They later posted the revised article which you can see here].

Khan advised members of the public who experience symptoms such as high fever, and common cold symptoms which extend to having chest problems to seek medical attention. He also said high-risk groups susceptible to being affected by the virus should be immunised. These include: immuno-compromised persons and obese persons (for whom an increased probability of susceptibility has been noted). Dr. Khan told the public not to panic. [Not to panic? The healthcare system can't even handle a  swollen thumb. But you know what....I digress. Bygones will be bygones].

To be quite honest, swine flu isn't new to Trinidad. It's been here for a while but the cases were very small. Only recently [out of nowhere], six new cases have been confirmed and 2 suspected deaths. This came after the news of the one death from swine flu in Barbados. This means that swine flu is active again in the Caribbean and the government needs to find a way to contain the disease before it becomes a full blown epedemic. I commend the government of Trinidad and Tobago for keeping the disease at bay for so long but guess what...IT'S BACK!!!  My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.