TRINIDAD: 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Trinidad......With Slight Pepper.

Sup Travellers?! If you're reading this and you're from Trinidad and Tobago then you'd probably know everything that i'm about to write now about the Earthquake. But i'll write about it anyway. By tomorrow this story will be published on every single newspaper in Trinidad and Tobago with a bunch of stupid ass headlines. So I decided to take this opportunity to come up with my very own stupid ass headline, "6.4 Magnitude Earth Rocks Trinidad With Slight Pepper." How'd you like my stupid ass headline? I made it myself [LOL].

Anyway, let's get into some serious details. At about 10:10 pm on Friday a vicious 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the Caribbean islands of Trinidad, Grenada and Guyana. The twin island of Trinidad and Tobago felt the earthquake more intensely since the epicenter was located 33 kilometers North of Guiria, Venezuela which is just North of the Gulf of Paria. No deaths or injuries have been reported thus far [THANK GOODNESS] but investigations on the extent of the damage are still ongoing.

It is not clear yet if another earthquake is pending or if a Tsunami is imminent. The ODPM urges all citizens to be careful and thread lightly. In case of any adverse damage caused by the Earthquake the ODPM urges citizens to call 511. My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.  


  1. We in Australia also felt it so hard

  2. i live Trinidad... it was so terrifying thank god everyone's ok... but u know i was soooo upset i felt the bed shaking and told everyone, in my household earthquake. them asking me when.... stueps.... people be aware....


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