The Reasons Why UNC And The People's Partnership Are Doomed To Fail.

Sup Travellers?! I wanted to write this article right after the local government elections but if you know anything about me you'd know that I hate writing about politics. Why? Not only because it's so closely related to race but because the last time I did I got an email from a supposed representative of a particular party who was threatening to sue me for posting defamatory content. When I got the email I analysed the words very carefully and I responded in the best way that I could have found fit at the moment with a very profound "LOL!" After the incident I vowed never to write about politics again but there is always that moment in life where the only thing left to do is [NOT GIVE A SH*T].

I decided to write this article right after I saw the "drunken" victory speech by the Honorable Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago who seemed to be very elated after losing 6 corporations that were once on her side to the PNM. It's good that she was enthusiastic but it's obvious from the results of the local government elections that the people are losing faith in the UNC and the whole People's Partnership. A party does not simply lose 190,000 loyal voters. THAT'S CRAZY!!!

I could go into deep lengths about how disgraceful and shameful it was for me to actually see the video circulating the web but I feel like i'll just be repeating the same thing that thousands of other Trinidadians have said. Don't get me wrong though. I have the deepest respect for my Prime Minister but there are just some things that cannot be unseen and that video has definitely scarred me for life. I would show the video but it's somewhere on the internet so you can go look for it [I EH SHOWING THAT!!]

Here's another thing to consider. Mickela Panday, the daughter of Mr. UNC himself, Basdeo Panday, said that she was mortified by the leader of the UNC's "victory" speech. Now if that's not a kick in the nuts then I don't know what is. You can read what Mickela had to say by visiting her profile [Feel free to say hi when you get there]. The general elections are in 2014 2015 and things aren't looking too good for the UNC at the moment. I don't support any of the parties but PNM seems to be on route to success from what I've gathered. The result of the local government elections is just one thing but there is more to it than just that. Let's do a little inventory of some of the "accolades" that UNC manged to earn during it's time shall we?

1. Lost Jack Warner

2. A beating from ILP for the Chaguanas seat

3. A beating from PNM in the local government election

4. A "drunken" speech by the leader of the UNC that seemed to have pissed off a large number of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

5. A mortified Mickela Panday.

6. Approximately 190,000 loyal voters lost since the last election.

Baseball isn't a sport that is widely played in Trinidad and Tobago but three strikes usually mean that you are out. I see six strikes. Do you see six? But despite the recent failures of the UNC, there is still hope for the rising sun. The hope lies in the next few months that the party has remaining and i'm hoping that some things can be put into place to resurrect people's hope in the rising sun. I would love to see at least some kind of effort by the Prime Minister to retain her place. It's impossible for her to alleviate all the problems in just a couple of months but I would love to see some more effort. From what i'm seeing , the country hasn't  really changed much since the PNM left? But that's just from my point of view. I'm still waiting to see that famed "rise" that the Prime Minister always talks about. I really hope that by "rise" she doesn't mean the crime rate or the cost of living. I really hope not. Because that would suck. That would suck BAAAD!!!

I'm not dispelling the party, i'm just saying that the party's resume doesn't look to good at the moment. The honorable Kamla Persad Bissessar won the hearts of the country in the last general elections so maybe with some epic leadership skills she could pull something out of her magic hat of tricks and actually make a real difference in the country that goes beyond politics and fancy catch phrases like, "WE WILL RISE!!!" My name is Trinikid and you've just been informed.

QUESTION: Do You Think That The UNC Can Win The Next General Elections?


  1. Yes they do... A snowball's chance in hell

  2. LOL. A snowball doesn't have a chance in hell

  3. Still a better government than the last set IMO

  4. i read M. Panday's status. i also read the comments related to the status. people blaming the pnm for crime, when the truth is Kamla is to blame. not as her stint as PM but in her stint as education minister. her decision to stop discipline in schools resulted in an upsurge in school violence and if we look at the average age of criminals they where all in school at the time of kamla's decision. the pnm didn't cause crime. they were just in poor at the time when the upsurge beginnings

  5. I will be happy to do my part in bringing an end to this PP Gov't. The PNM will see the corridors of victory again in the next general election for sure. Mark my words. Kamla is a disgrace, can't even hold her liquor!


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